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Beit Slutzkin today - part of the De Shalit Education Campus, Rehovot 


Beit Slutzkin (the Slutzkin House), built in 1908 by the Australians Lazar and Rose Slutzkin, was one of the first houses to be built on a hill above Rehovot, Israel, and is known as one of the three ‘millionaires’ mansions’ in the neighbourhood. It functioned as headquarters for  ANZAC troops during World  War 1, and it has unique Australian and Zionist links. It is now part of the De Shalit Education Centre.

With its ornate stone arches and imposing entrance staircase, it is a type of building rarely found in Israel today.

As a rare building of considerable heritage value in Israel, it now requires significant conservation, repair, and restoration works.

 Once restored, Beit Slutzkin will become headquarters of the Green Corridor environmental and educational joint project of Rehovot Municipality, De Shalit and the Davidson Institute - and will include a Visitor Centre displaying the historic and environmental assets of Rehovot.


Architectural assessments have now been completed and cost budgets set by Israeli bodies. Given current difficulties, funds are at a premium and whatever can be raised here will be of great assistance and will be greatly appreciated.

Donations may be made through JNF Australia.

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