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The Restoration Project - what needs to be done

Beit Slutzkin was built in an eclectic 'Turkish' style that was common in Palestine in the early 1900s, which combined and merged architectural elements from different periods and building styles. The building embodies high urban, cultural, historical and architectural values, and is a landmark in the development of Rehovot's heritage. Today, few examples of this style survive in modern Israel.
The building features unique and original architectural elements: 


stone balustrade

Joinery doors and windows.png

doors and windows


decorative concrete details


fine painted frieze

... but these recent pictures illustrate the urgent need for works to restore Beit Slutzkin to its original glory:


What it will cost

A budget for the project has been prepared by the conservation architests, Mimar Naor, and is based upon detailed surveys of the  building.


(Israeli New Shekels)

Works to the Building Envelope and Interior

  1. Conservation and restoration of the building's walls and roof.

  2. Preservation and restoration of original architectural details – doors and windows, stonework, decorative concrete.

  3. Repair of air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems.

  4. Complete renovation of toilets.

  5. Structural works to prevent subsidence.

  6. Converting a main space in the building into a Visitor Centre including the displays.

  7. Making internal changes to partitions including dismantling drywall partitions.

  8. General Works: electrical, air conditioning, plumbing, and repairs to the original flooring.

  9. Making good interiors in the basement, removing partitions.

  10. Preserving and restoring original murals.


Landscape Works

  1. The landscaping of the building's courtyards includes restoring elements such as original paving and paths according to the documentation and the lands caping of area surrounding the building; planting and vegetation.

Design Fees

Contingencies and Allowances (15%)

GST (17%)

Total Cost of Restoration Works including GST




6,727,500 NIS



= approx. 2.43m AUD; 1.92m USD; 1.37m GBP     

Internal Planning

Internally, the restored and refurbished building will house a Visitor Centre - showcasing aspects of Rehovot's history, the Green Corridor Project, and the Slutzkin family history - as well as providing a permanent memorial to the ANZAC forces who fought and died in the vicinity during the Palestine campaign in World War 1.

basement plan.png


1. Corridor

2. Meeting Room

3. Teachers' Workroom

Ground Floor

1. Portico

2. Foyer and Central Hall- permanent 
    Anzac exhibition

3. School Admin

4. Visitor Centre

5. Memorial / Study Room

6. Teachers' Room

7. WCs

ground floor plan.png
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